Staycation in the UK

             Bristol, 17 april 2020

Dear Group Organisers

So…..the ITO tours team have discussed some of the things that we haven’t, and have, enjoyed about self-isolating….. see if you agree with us.

  1. The same four walls around you each day and night.
  2. Having to cook your own breakfast.
  3. Having to cook your own dinner.
  4. Pouring your own drinks in the evening.
  5. Tidying your own bedrooms and making your own beds.
  6. Talking about the same things every day.
  7. Putting the bins out and hoovering the house.
  8. Following someone with a dodgy mask, two metres behind in the supermarket.
  9. Watching the same TV screen each night.
  10. …THE BEST BIT about self-isolation is that you have saved your pounds and pennies. So now, why not get away for a break and let someone else look after YOU and your family, it’s the    very least you deserve, ISN’T IT????

Treat yourself and your loved ones to a nice relaxing hotel stay with great food and drink, great staff, and remind you how great some of the hotels in the UK are. Please see below a list of hotels who are ready to welcome you and your loved ones when they open for that well-deserved break away. Also attached on this email is a price list with more information.


North East

North West

Yorkshire & The Humber

East Midlands

West Midlands




South & South East

South West

The hotels featured above have also endured forms of self-isolation during the last few months. It is with your help and support by visiting them for a breakaway from home, that these hotels can start helping us and themselves to remember how important it is to kick start the hotel industry in the UK, as well as kick starting our ability to live and enjoy our lives again.

Prices above are subject to availability at time of confirmation. Please check with the office in regards to the exact drinks offers and dinner offers are relevant to each hotel.

All the best and take care,

Your ITO Team